Jelly Button Games Offices – Tel Aviv

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  • Client Jelly Button Games,
  • size 3,230 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • En Design Studio  and Studio have collaborated to design the offices of gaming company Jelly Button Games, located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Jelly Button Games is a young social game company based in the south of Tel Aviv, Israel.
    Just like their games we wanted their office to be colorful, cute, happy and unexpected adventurous.

    The new Jelly Button office design is full of colorful panes fun & games – just like the workers in the company. After all, there is no gamer who does not dream of working in this gaming company, jelly is so cool and demanding therefore suitable offices are required. In addition the company’s people are creative and full of character and bring inspiration, fun and color to the space of the company’s content world.

    The company logo is an iconic figure of jellyfish, you can not help falling in love with it at first sight. Following this figure, the underwater world was chosen to accompany the design of the offices. This iconic figure welcomes the arrivals at a custom-made reception desk designed specifically for the space and branding.

    The combination of elements from the brand enhances the experience in space. Therefore, the color palette of the brand is used and integrated into the project of icons and street art in geometric language, which emphasizes the architectural line in space.

    The office design is full of dynamic movement and is consistent with the nature of the company. Various textures, combinations of materials and color are used. The systems of erasing boards and shelving boxes on rails have been customized to custom design so that they can be relocated from time to time as needed and serve as a place for personal expression of the employees. The office tables were designed and manufactured by us in accordance with the needs and space they are designed for.

    The planning of the space led to the creation of a central core that is the heart of the office and creates a connection between the various work areas. At the center is a box with conference rooms and a kitchenette. This area serves as a meeting place for employees from different work areas, allowing for varied encounters. These areas are particularly important in a dynamic and young society like this one. This box is built smooth with walls and glass fronts, so that a wide variety of closed and open views are obtained, surrounded by a lighting profile that emphasizes the movement in space and the centrality of the object.

    The level differences between the two sides of the office add interest and complexity in space.

    DesignEn Design Studio / Studio
    Lead Architects: Eran Naim and Ori Dunetz
    Photography: Yoav Gurin