Unilever Offices – Asunción

  • Client Unilever,
  • size 18,837 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Asunción, Paraguay,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty, Healthcare,
  • Contract Workplaces has designed the offices of consumer goods company Unilever, located in Asunción, Paraguay.

    Occupying almost four floors, Unilever´s offices are laid out using an open plan that includes the work spaces of every employee, from collaborators to the general manager. Each individual enjoys city views and natural lighting. Each level is organized around a wood-paneled central volume, which houses the collaborative spaces where different types of meetings are held.

    The corporate design parameters defined in Unilever’s Agile Design Guidelines were combined with local design elements, infusing the office with the Paraguayan identity. There were four guiding precepts for the office’s look & feel: the group´s brands, the local culture, sustainability and living with passion. The brands are present in the meeting rooms.

    Their local culture is reflected through the use of local materials such as natural wood in the central areas, with Ao Poyvi fabrics in several meeting rooms. The vinyl film covering the glass separators were inspired by artisanal silver filigree work. The interior vegetation as well as natural images in the waste classification containers allude to the company’s commitment to sustainability.

    On the fourth floor, the passion with which Unilever works is reflected by elements alluding to sports. These resources provide vibrantly colored spaces where the Voronoi pattern, a representative icon of Unilever, is present in all of the spaces.

    DesignContract Workplaces
    Photography: Andrés Negroni