Linmon Pictures Offices – Beijing

  • Client Linmon Pictures,
  • size 16,145 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • UStudies Architects has designed the new offices of Linmon Pictures located in Beijing, China.

    UStudies Architects has just finished the design work for Linmon Pictures’ third office, located in the new Genesis Beijing building complex. Perched on a top floor in the Genesis West Tower, the expansive office space enjoys a spectacular view stretching from the scenic Liangma River, Embassy District and south-bound to CBD.

    UStudies’ design for Linmon’s new Beijing office inherits the use of teak veneer and toughed glass (used for separation walls) from its Shanghai headquarters. Striped glass and black mirror are introduced, primarily for ceiling of the corridor surrounding the central traffic core and as wall finish.

    Linmon’s Beijing office occupies half a floor in the Genesis West Tower, with the main entrance on the east side of the elevator bank. The space is divided into two sections, one for senior management offices and open office area, and the other for conference rooms and audio-video rooms. Each section has a lounge area. Teak in staggered patterns is extensively used for both flooring and wall veneer to create a sense of intimacy and accessibility. In the reception area, treated striped glass panels with hidden lighting cover the backdrop wall from floor to ceiling before extending over the ceiling to outside the automatic glass sliding doors. This white centerpiece is flanked by wall panels and ceiling in black mirrored glass on each side. This contrasting color scheme is a tribute to the TV/movie industry, with its start a century ago in black and white.

    Corridors leading to the two sections are paved with teak floorboard. The black and white color scheme extends into the office space, with the hallway in the north section (office area) covered in white painted glass and the hallway in the south section (conference/audio-video rooms) continuing the use of black mirrored glass from the reception area.

    UStudies’ design philosophy is to showcase the intrinsic energy of an architectural space, hinged upon profound appreciation of basic materials and meticulously effective handling of details. Over-decoration is keenly avoided. Linmon’s new Beijing office retains the themes of efficiency, simplicity, openness and universal details from the Shanghai headquarters while introducing new design elements, with the finished work a showcase of the shared pursuit of innovation by UStudies and Linmon.

    Design: UStudies Architects
    Design Team: Fu Qiang
    Photography: Yale Dai