Gri Creative Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Gri Creative,
  • size 6,458 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Pelin Guley Interior Design has designed the new offices of digital ad agency Gri Creative, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Gri Creative Office, which is planned as 600m2 area of a plaza in Kozyatağı, has a structure that is located around open office, entertainment and social area. In the 46 people open Office area, working and socializing sections are designed together to convert work to an entertaining activity based on the fact that productivity is fed from socialization.

    Left section is planned as an open manager room for 3 people, music room, accounting, staff restrooms and Hotel Partner office, whereas the right section is planned as meeting rooms, reception, waiting lounge, kitchen and customer restrooms. In the social area, which is the core of the Office, there is the bar, tables, playstation area, 4 colored private local.

    Middle zone can be converted to a party place if desired, with the help of lighting and a music system. The long meeting table in the meeting room is designed on a floor filled with computer pieces to add some fun to the long-houred meetings. With its modernist, marginal and youthful character, Gri Creative Office is considered as a project that gave us great pleasure.

    DesignPelin Guley Interior Design
    Architect Team: Pelin Guley / Halit Kartal
    Contractor: Gri Creative
    Furniture Design: Pelin Guley & Asortics Design
    Lighting Project: MKB Electric
    Mechanic Project: Cicek Construction
    Electrical Project: Resas Electric
    Acoustic Consultant: Aktav Acoustic
    Photography: Odiphoto / Surreyya Yilmaz Dernek