Microsoft Office – Mumbai

  • Client Microsoft,
  • Year 2016
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Technology,
  • DSP Design Associates designed the offices of global tech giant Microsoft, located in Mumbai, India.

    Microsoft Corporation’s (Mumbai) office was one of the office in the series of WPA (Work Place Advantage) offices developed by Microsoft in India.

    Microsoft transitioned its workplace guidelines to innovative workspaces with a tilt-shift towards a more residential and hospitality inductive design from the existent corporate office space.

    Microsoft Mumbai office derives its inspiration from the physiognomies of the oceans. Peculiar to the oceans is its naturally discerning power of access to new lands and newer discoveries; progress being the backbone of all its activity.

    At the core of all Digital Business are innovation and a standing need for newer directions, strategies and ideas, which also become imperative to Microsoft as a business. Paving its transition to a self-stimulating environment for innovation, problem solving, creativity and progress, DSP Design Associates have woven together themes of the oceans and of course the city of Mumbai that has evolved from these to catapult the force behind Microsoft Corporation at Mumbai.

    The workspace interiors envisage forms from the ocean through keen design elements, planned Recreation and Break-out zones, well dispersed Collab space, Conference and Board Rooms, Town Hall, Cafes, Open Workspaces and Internal Connecting Spaces.

    DesignDSP Design Associates
    Design Team: Geetika Jain (Lead), Jhalak Shah
    PhotographyPHX India