Grupo Sura Offices – Medellín

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  • Client Grupo Sura,
  • size 24,487 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Medellín, Colombia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • studioSUR & AIA collaborated to design the offices of business banking company Grupo Sura, located in Medellín, Colombia.

    Grupo SURA is a Colombian multinational holding company headquartered in Medellin. Its primary businesses are investment banking, asset management and insurance services.

    A few years ago, they decided to move their headquarters to a new building, located in the most important financial and business corridor of the city.

    After observation and co-creation exercises were carried out, the user behavioral dynamics were evaluated and the work culture of the group was defined; the workplace strategy was developed based on the following objectives:

    • Generate integration between different work teams
    • Stimulate collaboration in a natural and spontaneous way = Bonds of trust
    • Generate areas for connection, concentration and innovation
    • Create a space that generates value to attract and retain talent
    • Promote well-being and efficiency practices
    • Reflect corporate identity both to internal and external users

    StudioSUR in Alliance with AIA develops a design proposal based on the principles of sobriety, interaction, wellness, transparency and innovation.

    The use of natural light, visuals, the implementation of various textures and flexible furniture, converge to generate a warm, sophisticated and functional space that allows the adaptation of spaces according to needs and possible growth over time.

    The program included a large variety of individual and team spaces that allow different ways of working, collaborating and socializing. Three office floors are connected physically and visually through a suspended linear staircase as a large sculpture within a discrete and timeless space that reflects the values of the brand.

    Materials such as carpets that evoke fabrics by hand, divisions in glass, wood veneer coatings with a rustic and natural vein, wallcovering, acid color glass, leather wall panels, three-dimensional ceilings in which the lighting appears subtly emphasizing textures and shapes.

    Finally, details such as decorative lamps, indoor gardens and comfortable furniture bring the home environment to the workspace.

    The acoustic treatment was one of the premises of the design. Textile materials and textures were incorporated in ceilings and walls throughout the open and private office spaces, and glass partitions with acoustic insulation properties that allowed visuals of the city and the entrance of natural lighting to the entire space.

    DesignstudioSUR & AIA
    Design Team: Andrea Sánchez (studioSUR), Liliana Gutiérrez (studioSUR), Juliana Gaviria (studioSUR), Gabriel Arango (AIA), Lina Rodríguez (AIA)
    : Sergio Gómez