Asia Financial Center – Shanghai

  • Client Asia Financial Center,
  • size 53,819 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Spacemen designed the offices for Asia Financial Center, located in Shanghai, China.

    Jinggong Group Co Ltd core businesses are in the steel structure engineering and construction industry (they are responsible for building a number of architectural landmark’s in China eg: Beijing’s National Stadium ‘Bird’s nest’, Beijing International Airport Terminal 3, and World Expo Shanghai Sunshine Valley Axis), and with other key invesments in equipment manufacturing, Shaoxing Rice Wine amongst other fields.

    ‘Asia Financial Centre’ represents the group’s first foray in the real estate business as a developer. The mixed-used tower consists of 31 floors of commercial offices half of which will eventually house Jinggong group’s head office and a host of their subsidiary investment companies. Thus it was crucial that the design reflected the core values and strengths of the company. As the tallest tower in the newly developed Minhang business hub in Shanghai, the developer worked closely with Spacemen to create the interior scheme for the entire office tower.

    The brief was simple, to create a contemporary space that complimented the strong linear aesthetics of the building’s architectural language within a restrained palette of white, grey and black.

    Inspired by the ancient Greek mythology Pandora’s Box, the central lobby core is at first glance a black box that is cracked open, with a two slits of white light forming the path which channels the circulation through to the inner lift lobby. Four different techniques were used to treat the stone finishes of the black box; polished, tumbled, bush hammered and sandblasted to create this raw and textured finish.

    The tower’s occupants then transition from a space that is dark, lively and rich in textures that encourages swift and frantic movement to a more calming and serene space of white marble, corian and brushed metal. The purity of materials and linear light in the lift lobbies offset that of the main lobby to create an inviting environment to reflect the sudden change of pace whilst waiting for lifts.

    Inside the lift carriages you get a sensation of being suspended in time as you enter an infinite space of grey mirrors as you ascend to the upper floors.

    This minimalist and monotonous approach was adapted for the Jinggong group offices that occupy the 20th to the 28th floor of the tower. Spacemen did away with the typical ‘reception counter and logo wall’ for the offices and instead designed the space with a series of seemingly floating geometric volumes in white marble, corian, and stretched barrisol light feature.. This open lounge evolves around a free standing pantry bar counter in the centre of the space to take full advantage of the 360 degree of uninterrupted view of the nearby lake and the newly develop business hub area. Expanded metal panels sourced directly from the Jinggong Group’s own steel factories were used for the executive suite wall backings to pay homage to the company’s vast influence in the steel structure construction business.

    Lobby Design Team: Raymond Tang, Jeffrey Lee, Kody Kato, Ed Chan
    Office Design Team: Kyan Foo, Catherine Kim, Raymond Tang, Ed Chan, Jack Che
    PhotographySeth Powers, Chen Xuan Min