Indumotora Offices – Santiago

  • Client Indumotora,
  • size 48,500 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Santiago, Chile,
  • Industry Manufacturing, Transportation,
  • RyV arquitectos designed the offices of automotive company Indumotora, located in Santiago, Chile.

    The challenge of the project was to create an office that reflected the automotive spirit and the passion of the customer in the business; at the same time, as a family business, it should be a legacy for future generations.

    The open spaces and collaborative areas are organized on the perimeter of the plan, accompanying the elliptical form of the building. Towards the core are concentrated bathrooms, meeting rooms and back office. This decision allows working areas get illuminated by natural light most of the time.

    The office interact with the sunken courtyard and gardens of the building, generating spaces for casual and relaxed meetings, while within the offices collaborative spaces and large open spaces take place. The main idea is to generate a “Campus “where the user is the protagonist appropriating the spaces.

    The whole idea of design responds to generate dynamic spaces in constant movement and avant-garde. The use of materials related to the industry confers an ineludibly automotive look. Colors, finishes, ceilings and playful forms take us on a journey full of analogies that make these offices unique and perfect for this business.

    DesignRyV arquitectos
    Design Team: Guillermo Fernández (Project Manager), Jaime Vásquez, Rocío Taladriz
    : Pedro Mutis