ECommPay Offices – Riga

  • Client ECommPay,
  • size 26,910 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Riga, Latvia,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services, Financial / Investments,
  • Architectural design studio Katz Interiors has implemented a large-scale, unique interior design project on behalf of international payment solutions provider ECommPay in Riga, Latvia.

    The office interior contains modern, striking elements and complex geometry: sharp lines, bold patterns, circular panels, hexagonal tiles in a checkered layout. The walls are decorated in an eclectic manner, relying on the shapes of linear geometric figures. The main colours are muted, decorated in calm white, grey, and pale blue, and accented by bright pieces of furniture and contrasting panels.

    In all aspects, the office design accentuates the high technological capabilities of its resident company, harmonising effortlessly with contemporary styles and the original, yet practical, approach to organising working environments. Influenced by Western design, which prioritises areas for recreation and entertainment above the classic office layout, ECommPay’s office is multipurpose. In the open lounge on the 12th floor, for example, weekly corporate meetings, where management discuss corporate news and achievements, are held and educational lectures are broadcast to all global offices. However, the lounge also plays host to cinematic evenings and team celebrations of special events. Employees are welcome to remain after work to socialise, and on Friday evenings, if the week was successful, the company bar is opened. The office building contains an exclusive fitness centre, complete with power and cardio zones, as well as massage and spa facilities.

    On each level, the workplace is divided by department and decorated according to the profile of the specialists occupying the area. The manager of each department is positioned in such a way as to have access to each relevant section. The reception is decorated with geometric snow-white panels, complementing the labyrinthine maze stretching from floor to ceiling. The carpet is decorated with white and metallic shades.

    Custom furniture introduces notes of modernism, while living walls framing the surfaces intertwine delicately with strict geometric shapes. Some of the desks are equipped with lifting mechanisms, permitting employees to alter the height of their table or to work from a standing position. The ceiling is fitted with acoustic panels.

    International payment provider ECommPay’s new office, designed by Katz, demonstrates how a high-tech interior can embody the corporate values of a modern company, serving as an incentive for further growth and continued success.

    DesignKatz Interiors
    Photography: Olivier Dassance Photography