Unboxed Coworking Offices – Noida

  • Client Unboxed Coworking,
  • size 12,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Noida, India,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Chaukor Studio designed the coworking offices of Unboxed Coworking located in Noida, India.

    Unboxed Coworking located in Noida, India is one of its kind. Designed by Noida based Chaukor Studio, its uniqueness is imbibed in its regenerative transformation from an old industrial unit to a dynamic co-working space. Retaining most of the surfaces and reusing salvaged elements from the old building creates a resource efficient and cost-effective design process. An overlap of new layers to the existing patterns and form of the building gives the space its distinct character; a dynamic mix of old and new.

    Essence of Revival – The amalgamative approach used to create Unboxed Coworking provides the spaces with the comfort of familiarity. So when the building’s service lobby was transformed into an informal exhibition area, it became a memoir of the building’s past. The artwork and story exhibitions create a buzz in the place, giving way for conversations. This acquaintance creates an ease with the space inhibited by the co-workers thus fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

    Redefining Functions, Retaining Forms – The design is built around two diametrically opposite constraints; of redefining the functional usage while retaining existing structure. The available configuration of an industrial unit was recreated into an open plan workspace with basic interventions sustaining transparency and flow. The junctions are designed as informal breakout zones creating constant collision amongst co-workers, enhancing interaction. Illustrating this essence, the book racks designed around the lobby areas are places for a daily dose of discussion and debate.

    Salvaged Elements – Various salvaged goods from the factory are reused to depict design and cost efficiency. Metal frames, door and window shutters and industrial scaffoldings were reconfigured and revamped to create ceiling elements, partitions and custom furniture. This is displayed by the translucent partitions for discussion pods created using reclaimed lattices and wooden shutters from the old factory.

    Textured Finishes – The spatial character of different spaces is modified with the use of complementary patterns and textures on the backdrop of stripped surfaces, roughened floor and undulated walls. One such feature is the Eccentric bamboo-wood ceiling complimenting the earthen hues of natural surfaces finishes, which frames an aesthetical visual experience while depicting the idea of eco-sensitivity.

    Imitating Forms – In addition to integration, imitation is also used as a design tool to showcase the initial use-case of the building. Ceilings elements designed to resemble various parts of machinery have been integrated throughout the co-working space that provides reflection to its users into the building’s past.

    Ecologically Sound, Aesthetically Sensible – With the vision to create a space that showcases a sensitive identity of creation, Unboxed Coworking is a fine example of an evolutionary design approach that integrates the past to the future use-case of the building. By retention of existing elements and addition of newer ones, the retrofitting of the co-working space has led to a holistic design. This has phenomenally reduced the environmental impacts and project costs while providing a workspace that is humane and aesthetically sensible.

    Designer: Chaukor Studio
    Photography: Niveditaa Gupta