Sampa Automotive Offices – Samsun

  • Client Sampa Automotive,
  • size 24,218 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Samsun, Turkey,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Gönye Proje Tasarım designed the headquarters for Sampa Automotive located in Samsun, Turkey.

    Gönye Proje Tasarım has designed a comfortable and transparent environment with the use of modern design and different materials in a harmony for Sampa Automotive Headquarters which is located in Samsun – one of the biggest and most populated cities on the coast of mid-Black Sea region of Turkey.

    The aim of Gönye Proje Tasarım in overall design of Sampa Automative Headquarters was to keep up with the prestige and reputation of an international actor in automotive market. The brief was to create a working space that was full of light and transparency, and to let the natural light float through the space with minimum solid blockages. As a Samsun based company, the customer requested the Black Sea and the international market that the company operates in to be emphasized.

    The motto of Sampa Automative “Small differences, big changes” was carried through the design of the space by combining different colors, materials and textures with the intention of creating a modest yet elegant environment in accordance with the needs of the employees and a modern working space.

    The use of color, geometrical shapes and fractions was the main design tool. Having an open space while providing privacy was a great challenge on aesthetical level. Elegant, modest and efficient structures encompassing all requested functions in an office building were employed. The pattern on the marble floor of the lobby was designed to resemble the rivers that come from different countries and flow into the Black Sea; it is also a reference to the company’s international customers. This pattern, along with the world map created by using the names of the spare parts that company produces are references to the international market.

    Blue lighting used both on the ceiling of the lobby and also various rooms is a symbolic representation of the client’s logo, corporate identity and the Black Sea.

    The building consists of three stories. Lobby, waiting area, master meeting room, a cafeteria, two small meeting rooms, purchasing and international operations offices, two director rooms and a photography studio are on the ground floor. On the first floor, accounting, finance, marketing and sales offices, four manager rooms and also two meeting rooms are located. The second floor hosts three executive rooms, a conference room, a meeting room and two guest meeting rooms.

    DesignerGönye Proje Tasarım