Atelier Tarkett Showroom and Office – Paris

  • Client Tarkett,
  • size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Design,
  • 5.5 designstudio designed the offices for flooring company Tarkett, located in Paris, France.

    Dedicated to architects and designers, l’Atelier Tarkett Paris is warm and unique place for exchanging and co-creating that aims at revealing the creative potential of the flooring solutions designed by Tarkett. The concept emerged from the collaboration between Tarkett, a flooring solution manufacturer and the “studio 5.5”. The place has been designed in a unique way for displaying interior design materials. Located at the heart of Paris, it is a new destination for architects, designers and their clients to accelerate interior design projects, and to be perceived as a source of inspiration, of discovery and of creativity.

    More than a showroom – The whole place is a demonstration of the flooring solutions of the brand, staged with originality and audacity. Adapted to the distinctive steps of architects’ projects – discovery, inspiration and execution – the Atelier Tarkett is comprised of modular and flexible spaces to carry products and services : a library, a lab, digital tools, meeting rooms, a kitchen…Each of these functional spaces has its own identity, distinctive in terms of color, material, and atmosphere, all in line with its specific purpose. Nothing better than living the material, appreciating it in situation to actually believing in its potential.

    The interior design manifesto, including furniture, challenges the perception of flooring materials – To show materials with a different angle and present Tarkett collections in a different way, 5.5 imagined « catalog-objects »: some furniture and interior design elements were created based on materials manufactured by Tarkett, to testify of the potential of those materials. They used material in an alternative way on walls, furniture, lighting in order to free the visitor’s creativity and open new development opportunities.

    Bold and global design project from strategy to identity -Beyond the rehabilitation of a former jewelry workshop, the studio 5.5 helped Tarkett to refine the strategic positioning and services of the Atelier to update the notion of a showroom itself, and to make it a true brand experience. Their mission also included the creation of a visual identity that would ensure a perfect coherence of the experience.

    Designer5.5 designstudio
    Photography: Vincent Fillon