Autopilot Offices – Sydney

  • Client Autopilot,
  • size 5,166 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Technology,
  • Morphos was tasked with designing the new offices for digital marketing start-up Autopilot, located in Sydney, Australia.

    Autopilot offers an online platform specializing in digital marketing automation. They came to Morphos to assist their company in relocating to accommodate for a growing business, wanting the new space to reflect their company culture which is open and innovative; encouraging staff collaboration and interaction.

    As a relatively new company, Autopilot wanted to maintain the atmosphere of a ‘start-up’ company; exuberant, positive, not too flashy but still inspiring and welcoming. To articulate this culture, Morphos began by using exposed concrete flooring and ceilings to create a raw and modern base which we could build on with quirky and modern details.

    In a nod to their head office in San Francisco, a replica neon sign adorns the front of house, immediately giving an animated and youthful feel. An open reception area with a stage and space to set up seating was incorporated to allow for presentations and functions, bringing a sense of drama to the space.

    With staff wellbeing and ergonomics a prime consideration, sit-to-stand desks were installed throughout and then complemented by a variety of other settings, such as laid-back bean bag areas, a high collaboration bench and stools, small quiet rooms and more traditional meeting spaces.

    Pops of Autopilot’s corporate color on the doors and feature paint details on the floor add detail to the space, while carpet inserts under the workstations and pendant lights over the collaboration table create a sense of definition around individual zones.

    Other stand out interior details include a custom designed display shelving screen, created in-house at the Morphos workshop.

    PhotographyLuc Remond