Chilid & XSolve Offices – Gliwice

  • Client Chilid, XSolve,
  • size 13,993 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Gliwice, Poland,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development, Technology,
  • Chilid Hi-End Web Design & XSolve, sibling companies, have designed their new headquarters located in Gliwice, Poland.

    Some years ago, Telenor, the Norweigan telecom company conducted an experiment. They got rid of most of their coffee machines and expanded their cafeterias. Why? To see if office design really does have such a huge impact on the innovation and productivity of employees. The result? Staff from different departments interacted, shared information and collaborated, and Telenor yielded a cool $200 million in profit. That’s some impact.

    And so, freshly inspired, we embarked on our own investigation into workplace design, something we enjoy calling: The Best Agile Office Ever. We decided to design Chilid & XSolve’s (our brother company) new HQ in a way that would support the way our teams work. With both companies expanding, we wanted to preserve our ethos and make sure that we sustain core principles such as the exchanging of ideas between departments and teams. After many months of research we created the perfect office space for us, along with some tips that will apply to companies, both established and just starting out.

    Designer: Rafal Drobczyk Architecture, Chilid, & Anna Zarudzka
    Photography: Budzik Studio