WHITE64 Offices – Tysons Corner

  • Client WHITE64,
  • size 14,000 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Tysons Corner, Virginia, United States,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • FORM Architects designed the offices for creative ad agency WHITE64, located in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

    As WHITE64 began to explore options for a new office, potential spaces were evaluated with consideration of an open floor plan, furnishings, and finishes relative to WHITE64’s brand and culture. Their authenticity and ingenuity inspired the design team to blend WHITE64’s company history with their current and future success. Designers were then challenged to incorporate the established aesthetic with the requirements and brand identity of a subtenant. Careful attention to layout, finishes and branding locations for both groups created a space that successfully supported their co-habitation.

    Key design elements and restored furniture pieces inspired a rich yet neutral palette allowing WHITE64 employees to infuse revolving current conceptual work with cultural and personal touches throughout the space. Existing building elements such as concrete floors, open ceilings, and HVAC were utilized serving as a raw backdrop to the space. Carefully selected materials used in balance with a simple paint finish provide warmth and soften the industrial elements. These economically driven design elements allowed WHITE64 to invest in employee perks which eased in the transition to an open office environment.

    As the design progressed, an added requirement for additional gathering and collaboration spaces presented a complicated evaluation of code. From an aesthetic perspective, the team was required to carefully evaluate and balance the space accordingly. Constant communication was imperative as we advanced into the final stages of design and permitting.

    Ultimately, the final design aims to provide a group of visionaries with a space that will inspire them and foster their creativity.

    DesignerFORM Architects
    Contractor: LF Jennings
    Photography: Spielmann Studio