Securus Technologies Offices – Dallas

  • Client Securus Technologies,
  • size 154,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Dallas, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Technology, Telecommunications,
  • Perkins+Will designed the headquarters for telecommunications company Securus Technologies, located in Dallas, Texas.

    Seeking to create a company-wide synergy that translates into all aspects of the business, Securus Technologies — a telecommunications company that connects people through superior services and solutions — enlisted interior architecture firm lauckgroup to remodel its headquarters in North Texas.

    As the third Securus Technologies property Perkins+Will has transformed, this particular location presented an opportunity to elevate the overall image of the company through an innovative environment that is both technology and customer driven. In bringing that vision to life, Perkins+Will was inspired by the Securus Technologies tagline “connecting what matters”, infusing elements of company culture into the design thus allowing Securus to fulfill their mission for clients and staff alike.

    The 154,000-square-foot building’s unique H-shape provides an abundance of daylighting and greenery from all interior viewpoints, a vital feature for a building that is used around the clock. The main entrance features a two-story atrium space with a large display of Securus’ patents, a branded graphic, an employee comment wall for sharing how they make a difference by working at Securus, and a wood veneer wall with digital screens. Moving further though the space toward the west wing of the building, displays of customer experiences line the walls to the warehouse space and the large employee breakroom and training center. The east wing takes occupants toward the auditorium and customer call center.

    The second and third floors are home to the center of an active core zone with collaborative areas, additional breakrooms, wellness rooms, phone rooms, and enclosed conference and training spaces. Perkins+Will’s intention for creating a central, branded core — in place of cubicle groups — was to foster ease of knowledge transfer between departments, remind employees of the company mission via branded environments, and provide a respite from the typical office layout. These zones have high ceilings, crisp lighting, concrete floors and various graphic walls, all which support over 1,000 occupants.

    From the central core, employees move north or south into the ‘arms’ of the H-shape to enter the work areas, which are grouped by department. These work areas include private offices, open workstations and breakout teaming spaces. Aesthetically, the brand’s look and feel is streamlined with straight lines, cool color temperature lighting, and a predominantly white color palette accented with blue touches, such as custom carpet and furniture. In addition, several eco-conscious materials were incorporated including low VOC paint, sustainably forested countertop wood, and ceiling tiles made of stone wool, which is an abundant resource and contains 42% recycled content.

    Overall, the new Securus Technologies headquarters functions to strengthen connections between employees to encourage truly meaningful relationships and outcomes, while creating an appealing environment for competitive recruiting and employee retention. Core values of the company including access to technology, efficiency and simplicity are represented throughout the space, reinforcing a positive company culture and sense of cross-department community.

    Contractor: Structure Tone Southwest
    Photography: Justin Clemmons