Unilab Pharma and Chemicals Offices – Mumbai

  • Client Unilab Pharma and Chemicals,
  • size 1,291 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • SAV Architecture + Design were tasked to design the offices of Unilab Pharma and Chemicals, located in Mumbai, India.

    London and Mumbai based SAV Architecture + Design has recently completed a 120sqm open plan and minimal workspace for Unilab Pharma and Chemicals in Mumbai. Focusing on flexibility, transparency and tactility the design brings natural light and a fresh feel to the interiors to create a serene working oasis within the chaotic Mumbai context.

    Inspired with the form of chemical compositions, SAV conceptualized the lighting, furniture and flooring pattern to create a layered and textured design showcasing the different formulas that the company uses in making their products. All the partitions are of clear glass creating an end to end transparency that sets an overall lightweight mood as soon as one enters the space.

    The work-spaces are arranged centrally within the space on custom designed four-meter-long modular laminated birch plywood desks with central planters and concealed cable trays. The meeting room and director spaces have custom fabricated furniture through a mix of traditional woodwork and joinery as well as CNC fabrication. Tall bamboo screens and the desk planters add an organic green texture to the space.

    Made with a mix of traditional carpentry and new computational and fabrication technologies, the interior design focuses on three major layers that shape the space and moods. The first is the seamless concrete floors and walls that have expansion joints in the shape of a hexagonal pattern that flows to become a handcrafted inlay within the wooden cabinetry. The design of the lights forms an important second layer and are composed of a mix of directional slot led lights and free flowing 3M large custom fabricated hexagonal ones that flow across the space. The third layer is the flush storage wall behind the reception with a free-flowing CNC milled pattern that shows the different formulas that the company makes.

    Overall the interior design focuses on space, simplicity and details creating a mix of tones, materiality and craftsmanship.

    DesignerSAV Architecture + Design
    Design Team: Amita Kulkarni, Vikrant Tike, Dhrumil Mehta, Malhar Chawda, Raj Gandhi
    Contractor: V Interior Solutions
    PhotographyFabien Charuau