Samsung Offices – Bangkok

  • Client Samsung,
  • size 75,347 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Technology,
  • MADA Design Factory designed the offices for Samsung located in the central business district of Bangkok, Thailand.

    SAMSUNG is a well-known brand with many office locations all around the world including this project located in Bangkok – Sathorn Road.

    CFO and management team of SAMSUNG needed collaboration areas to inspire their employees for every team, and also wanted to add more creative hubs rather than meeting rooms. The most significant thing prior to starting the project was to brainstorm with each team which presented its difficulties when persuading everyone to agree on the concept proposed. Inspiration came from countries where SAMSUNG offices are located around the world. They loved our concept and then we started to propose bringing Thai culture to the reception area which welcomes all visitors to SAMSUNG Bangkok, Thailand.

    Quintessentially, we are not only bringing some characteristics from each country, but also creating functional spaces, fun elements, and happiness in the workplace. We blended both SAMSUNG’s existing innate identity in its strong corporate color as well as some various colors which came from the nature of those countries.

    The overall challenge of this project was the nature of a renovation project. Construction at night and on the weekend was required in order to meet deadlines with time being critical for the project. Efforts came from everyone, especially the SAMSUNG team, and the business partners including contractor, suppliers, furniture suppliers, engineers and the project owner.

    DesignerMADA Design Factory
    Design Team: Ananchai Jirawiwattanan, Nichary Pongsomboon, Nisachol Loetritsirikul, Nattasit Sirimongkolnawin, Attapong Jaruwattanakul and Haritcha Aramkiuea
    Photography: Warin Bunyaprasit