Techspace Kreuzberg Coworking Offices – Berlin

  • Client Techspace,
  • size 32,921 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Techspace‘s in-house design team has designed their coworking offices located in the Kreuzberg quarter of Berlin, Germany.

    The Berlin space, like all of Techspace’s buildings, is specifically designed for scale-up technology companies. Unlike other coworking spaces, Techspace’s scale-up members have much more ownership of their environments. This includes customization of a workspace with their own branding, and includes digital branding in member meeting rooms, while Techspace’s own branding is minimal. This ultimately helps companies to develop their own team culture as they scale up, something Techspace believe is an important part of scaling a company, and something which is quite often overlooked by competitors.

    Typically Techspace takes characterful buildings with personality, and renovates these by working with the building to achieve an industrial-cool design built for a coworking concept. The challenge with Techspace Kreuzberg was to deliver product-market fit, and bring our existing model into a new International market. Over two phases (bringing online 450 desks) the building aims to promote collaboration through building design, and space planning. At this point in time, we’re pleased to announce that Phase I of the project is now 100% full, and more than anything this helps us validate that the project has achieved product-market fit in Berlin.

    It features 450 workstations across 3000 square meters of office space. Companies who join the Berlin space will be part of Techspace’s European scale-up community of over 1,500 members, including Business Insider, Memrise, Hibob, and Goodlord.

    DesignerTechspace in-house design team
    PhotographyHEJM/Mother Bran