Coldwell Banker Caine – Greenville

  • Client Coldwell Banker,
  • size 15,269 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Greenville, South Carolina, United States,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • McMillan Pazdan Smith designed the offices for Coldwell Banker Caine located in Greenville, South Carolina.

    The renovated Headquarter Office now allows for Coldwell Banker Caine associates to service many more individuals. Designed by McMillan Pazdan Smith and interior designer, Amy Emory, the renovation narrowed in on modern, clean lines and an open concept.

    Although the space has a fresh new look and a spirited togetherness, Coldwell Banker Caine wanted to ensure the integrity of the space endured in some form as a nod to the company’s rich history. Balancing the building’s historical significance while revitalizing the space to fit the company’s collaborative culture was the key to this remodel.

    The “Family Room” is a modern space with retro nods including vintage décor and games, including a Ms. Pac Man tucked into the corner for the agent’s families. With unconventional work schedules and hectic lives, children often visit the Coldwell Banker Caine office, so it was pertinent to the Caine lifestyle that there was a dedicated space for them. Like any family room, Caine’s features family photographs on the walls providing a cozy, thoughtful atmosphere.

    The eclectic and spacious conference rooms feature connectable desks and tables to optimize the conference space and are inspired in name by rock star’s famous homes: Dakota (John Lennon); Graceland (Elvis Presley); and Big Pink (Bob Dylan).

    Caine’s dedication to the arts is integrated into the building renovation with installations and pieces complimenting the space and even stealing the show in some cases. Lynn Heitler’s Untitled installation is like a cross between a chandelier and an art fixture—Heitler used an old architectural image and cut it into colorized, acrylic “icicles” creating a modern, chopped feature. Tommy Moss’ 3D wall art incorporate the negative space into the landscape just as much as the modular pieces are. Additional artworks may be found in Coldwell Banker Caine’s Art Book.

    ArchitectMcMillan Pazdan Smith
    Interior Designer: Amy Emory
    Photography: Firewater Photography