VF Offices – Santiago

  • Client VF,
  • size 13,110 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing, Fashion / Beauty,
  • Contract Workplaces has designed the new offices for clothing branding agency, VF Corporation, located in the Lo Barnechea commune of Santiago, Chile.

    VF is a regional company specializing in the commercialization of clothing brands that are strongly determined by a particular lifestyle in both urban and natural settings.

    Our concept proposal is as follows: to project a lifestyle onto a working style, in order to get collaborators to identify with their new offices, which are to become a means of support that favors the consolidation of their working culture. To that end, we have designed the office as a “total landscape” for all collaborators to see as a means of support that will allow them to freely perform their working activities, whatever they may be. The spatial proposal used the “ward” strategy, whereby closed spaces have been incorporated as subspaces by means of sculptural elements, “rocks,” which arrange space strategically by differentiating areas into public or private, as well as individual or collective.

    One additional challenge this project entailed was getting working and branding spaces to coexist in the same place. In order to address the branding aspect and bring each of the “lifestyles” to life, every brand’s placement strategy was deployed; and by taking advantage of the building’s potential for communication in an urban setting, a perimeter of circulation was added to the eastern façade, supported by a large mural or “street sign”, which will project brands into the public space from the sixth floor.

    DesignerContract Workplaces
    PhotographyJames Florio