Fender Offices – Tokyo

  • Client Fender,
  • size 8,901 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Tokyo, Japan,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Berthier Associates designed the offices for musical instrument manufacturer Fender located in Tokyo, Japan.

    Fender Tokyo Office Fender — the company that revolutionized music with the first mass-produced electric guitars —is once again at the cutting-edge of the music industry; providing innovative technologies and apps for the digital age. These new, sophisticated business interests required an office space with an equally refined style; one that respected Fender’s legacy without relying on the usual rock ‘n’ roll clichés.

    Visitors are drawn into the new office through a sequence of progressively brighter spaces; a carefully calibrated procession from darkness into the light. The elevator hall has been transformed into a shadowy anteroom — like the entrance of a live music venue — with charcoal grey walls and plush, dark-colored carpeting. This space is largely unadorned, except for a sculptural intercom stand, constructed of rough-hewn oak, placed symbolically in one corner. From this dimly-lit entrance, visitors pass through a pair of glass doors into the reception hall, where they are welcomed by Fender’s iconic logo, illuminated in neon-white lights.

    To the left, the reception hall opens to a hybrid waiting area and guitar showroom, flooded with natural light from large, street-facing windows. This is a contemporary but comfortable space, featuring rustic wood flooring and faux-distressed leather upholstery. Along the main wall, a number of vintage Fender guitars are on display; a reminder of the company’s rich history. From the showroom, visiting artists may access the VIP lounge, where they are invited to unwind, play music and admire the view.

    To the right of the reception hall, beyond a metallic mesh screen, is a small café, decorated with bronze light fixtures, industrial furnishings and exposed brickwork. The café is separated from the main workspace only by a translucent glass partition, encouraging visitors and staff members to come together over drinks or discuss business matters; sometimes simultaneously.

    DesignerBerthier Associates
    Photography: Kiyoshi Akinari