H&H Group Offices – Hong Kong

  • Client H&H Group,
  • size 2,689 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Joe Ho Associates designed the offices for health product company H&H Group, located in Hong Kong, China.

    H&H Group is one of the largest health product companies in China, which used to be a name of Biostime previously before acquiring Swisse, the Australian brand. This office in Hong Kong is their first conceptual office of mobile working after merging and the whole design targets to meet their features of culture and products which is nature, comfort, passion and energy.

    Following the essence of nature and taking the advantage of the location, which is embraced by mountains and harbor, we come up with an idea of Liberation Park. Differentiate with traditional reception, step sitting area has been designed combining with it that can easily allow employees to take a seat there and free chatting. In front area, fixed sofas along next the window and comfortable chairs enhance more flexibility, and whoever come in for working for waiting can fell welcomed as well.

    Sticking to the park concept we design majority of group working tables with real tree in center, and adjustable tables for those who want to standup working after longtime sitting. Speaking of the style, we integrate grass’ with earth’s color and shaped carpet, meanwhile, the table in meeting room and some workstations are made of wood as well. One of the lightspot is the ceiling which we design with plate leaves around the top of trees spread all over the open office, the overwhelming feeling of nature inspire their employees get more effective, relaxing and sense of belonging.

    DesignerJoe Ho Associates
    Design Team: Ken Tsang, Yanni
    Photography: Yuhua Pan