kununu Offices – Vienna

  • Client kununu,
  • size 15,069 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Vienna, Austria,
  • Industry Professional Services, Technology,
  • Hungenberg Sieber designed the new headquarters for the employer review platform kununu, located in Vienna, Austria.

    With a bold commitment to creating true transparency in the job market, kununu was founded in 2007 and has since collected over 2 million reviews for 600,000 companies which makes kununu a leader in providing workplace insights that matter. Its success and continuing growth triggered expansion – therefore a new office space was highly required.

    kununu believes in offering an environment for employees where people enjoy coming to work every single day. For good reasons, Hungenberg Sieber was hired to find and create that environment – a space where employees as well as guests feel welcome. They accompanied kununu’s move every step of the way, from when the move was just an idea to the very first office party in the new space in November 2017.

    The new workplace spreads over 1.400 m2. Enough space for more than 100 employees and a dozen office dogs was found – perfectly located in Vienna’s 1st district. The office concept reflects the culture of a great team. It is a brand experience as soon as you enter the door: The first thing you’ll see is the reception area that sits right next to the meeting point of a stairway bench, which the team regularly uses for video conferencing with colleagues in Boston, Berlin and Porto where kununu also has locations. A large kitchen provides Friday catered lunches as well as amenities for employees and guests alike.

    The office concept promotes collaboration with different room and furniture settings. In addition to fixed workplaces and four meeting rooms, benches are scattered around for spontaneous collaboration or temporary projects. The new shuffled seating order can be seen as result of rethinking which departments to place side by side. CommRooms are for meetings, calls or concentrated work. The library is the perfect spot for enlarging the scope of knowledge and dealing with a lot of ideas.

    The overarching design vision was inspired by kununu’s DNA: Transparency, fueled by data, is the lifeblood of kununu. Thus, the office has a lot of glass elements and it is full of daylight.

    A typical work week at kununu involves lots of laughter: Passion at the ping pong table, applause during games of Mario Kart and skateboard moves are all part of the office culture.

    DesignerHungenberg Sieber
    Photography: Daniel Sumesgutner