Qiyao Interactive Entertainment Company Offices – Guangzhou

  • Client Qiyao Interactive Entertainment Company,
  • size 16,145 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Guangzhou, China,
  • Industry Entertainment, Technology,
  • Joe Ho Associates designed the offices for Qiyao Interactive Entertainment Company located in Guangzhou, China.

    White means “empty” and as it’s no color that can encourage the imagination to be free and quiet in the complex thought. Qi Yao, an interactive entertainment company, their office is located in Yangcheng evening news creative park of Guangzhou, because the features of the old factory, the building itself has its unique space temperament, so that a lot of people get in love with it at their first glance of here.

    Joe Ho Associates’ ( JHA ) design team respected and preserved the structure of the building itself, combined with modern design language and the technique of expression to create a vibrant and full of sunshine, fashion, modern, natural, healthy and comfortable office space.

    The sunlight gets through from the bright high Windows and floor-to-ceiling glass, the white walls reflect the shadows of the outdoor mottled plant, all of these like the painting made by nature. The lofty trees, plants and the “room in the house” creates the sunshine room between the woodland, and makes it feel like pleasing walking in the outdoors. It is not made for the mere production of formalism, either its billed as empty individuality or popularity while aiming to create perfect space through rational planning and design.

    Here is the paradise of Qiyao that where employees are pursuing their dreams, sharing their knowledge and collaborating closely in and out of work.

    DesignerJoe Ho Associates
    Photography: Yuhua Pan