Almirall Offices – Barcelona

  • Client Almirall,
  • size 32,291 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Barcelona, Spain,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • areazero 2.0 completed the offices for pharmaceutical company Almirall, located in Barcelona, Spain.

    During the past year, we have been working together with the multinational company Farmacéutica Almirall S.A. to develop and deploy their new office project, “Flexible Work Place” in the four buildings owned by the company in Barcelona, and we have also defined the general parameters of the new space policy that would be implemented in the future in the whole group.

    The first phase, “Quality Building,” was completed last July in the two offices belonging to Sant Andreu de la Barca Branch. Phase two, the “Social Buildin,” completed in December 2017.

    The proposal of the FWP is based not only on the modernization of the office image but also on the idea of having a more flexible work environment, where no differences are made in terms of ranks or categories among the different job positions and users have several spaces available to carry out their tasks and meet with each other, thus facilitating communication and collaboration among teams.

    This implementation is particularly special because the working teams and meeting rooms are placed at a forty-five degree angle and incorporate different elements (spaces for informal meetings, meeting points, reading areas, room dividers, etc) every two working teams, helping to visually and acoustically separate areas and, at the same time, taking better advantage of the space available.

    Biophilia is one of the most interesting proposals of the project, ranging from carpet treatment to the use of (lyophilized or natural) plants all around the office.

    The new corporate colors are introduced as mild touches in the furniture, acoustic wall elements and room dividers, expressly designed for the project and custom-made.

    Designerareazero 2.0
    PhotographyNoelia Iniesta