KPMG Offices – Shanghai

  • Client KPMG,
  • size 201,479 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • iDA Workplace + Strategy designed the offices for financial consulting company KPMG, located in Shanghai, China.

    The space configuration can always reflect the character of one brand. As we all aware, the purpose of design isn’t about its shape nor its decoration, it’s the incorporation of designer’s affections toward the space, and the future visions of business together as a whole to be an all-in- one workplace.

    The transformation from convention to innovation, is just a choice of one thought over another, and the distance of walls. KPMG, as a professional firm providing Audit and Tax service with the persistent complicity toward the rules and procedures, determined to break the historical formula of being constantly regular.

    Its aspiration is to create a unique ambiance and activity-based workplace community that would be more responsive, inspiring, intuitive and amenity-rich, in accordance with KPMG’s refreshing transformation.

    “Work happens anywhere,” a wide range of alternative work spaces were set up to go beyond workstations, including social hub, casual lounge areas, phone booths with exquisite sofa scattered throughout the open floor plan, converting to a completely different system of workstyle.

    On top of that. the design firm iDA and KPMG combined the contemporary minimalism with classic aesthetics, implying that KPMG still upholds the essence of its original characteristic while progressing the pursuance of breakthroughs and  innovations.

    DesigneriDA Workplace + Strategy
    Photography: Kevin Wu