National Bank Offices – Montreal

  • Client National Bank,
  • size 100,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • VAD Designers d’espaces designed the offices for Canadian commercial bank, National Bank, located in Montreal, Canada.

    VAD Designers d’espaces—in collaboration with National Bank’s Premises Department—developed and orchestrated a new dynamic workspace concept at the financial corporation’s current head offices. The project, which introduces new ways of working, is gradually unfolding across the floors of the National Bank Tower, located at 600 de la Gauchetière.

    Pursuing its momentum in collaboration and connectivity practices, National Bank’s new work environment takes place in a colorful sectored layout where transparency rules. Initiated by an important audit period, directed by the Premises Department, in collaboration with Gensler, the project was then handed to the designers at VAD, for interpretation.

    Benefiting from the building’s octagonal shape and its abundant natural lighting, the shared workstations and unassigned work benches border the windows, dispersed methodically to the rhythm of a palette of five pigmented hues. Colors and angles bounce off each other and serve as visual guides for the personnel. Clear glass, brilliant color and abundant light animate the meeting rooms, privacy nooks, and interactive areas, boldly redefining workplace standards and offering users a broad range of opportunities.

    The new workspace is immersive, effective, intuitive and modern. It was conceived to promote the evolution of work methods, to encourage collaboration and mobility, and to foster employee well-being. The project’s main objective: to create a modern and refreshing environment, customized to the personnel’s needs. Like a common thread orienting the design concept, the optimization of
    natural light sources and the vibrant color palette reinforce the distinctive identity of the space, and facilitate its appropriation by the staff.

    With this transition towards a new work model, National Bank reassesses its position of an innovative financial institution, open to evolving office planning practices. The new environment, which is already occupied by a portion of the staff, will serve as a pilot project for the years to come; guiding the collaborative work methods through National Bank’s different departments, regrouped into smaller organized communities called “neighborhoods.”

    DesignerVAD Designers d’espaces
    Photography: Stéphane Brügger