M Moser Associates Offices – Hong Kong

  • Client M Moser,
  • size 10,200 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • M Moser Associates has designed their new offices located in Hong Kong.

    The main aspiration for M Moser’s new space is to foster a collaborative, productive and vibrant workplace environment that maximizes unimplemented space, light and views.

    Infused with the dynamism and energy of the workforce, the space embraces nature to inspire creativity in a vibrant and unique way. Key features include: a welcoming pantry area, natural, tree centerpieces, designed-to-suit furniture and ambient lighting.

    Offering a unique blend of greenery and natural light, the new office space showcases a lush tree table, bringing the outside in and tranquility to the fluid, central desk space.

    Agility is another key design feature of the new workspace where healthy and active workstations are designed to be comfortable, convenient and to encourage physical activity. The organic-shaped shared desks allowed for a sense of “we” as oppose to “me” and encouraged people to sit amongst their peers and with people of various disciplines. Lockers were placed in strategic locations to allow a place for personal belongings as well.

    Also, to enhance wellness and productivity, the office implements international best practice standards including: WELL (IWBI), LEED (USGBC), HK BEAM (HKGBC) and RESET (air quality).

    The design end result truly reflects M Moser’s identity as a leader in sustainability design and build, where the nature elements are infused in every corner of the workplace. By doing so, it provides higher comfort to staff, allowing them to be more productive and achieve greater results.

    DesignerM Moser Associates
    Design Team: John Sellery, Christine Bruckner, Wing Leung, Robert Dani, Man Tsang, Daniel Leung, Audrey Zaimeche
    Photography: Vitus Lau, Owen Raggett