Recovery Advisers Offices – Dubai

  • Client Recovery Advisers,
  • size 3,700 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Industry Insurance, Professional Services,
  • Swiss Bureau Interior Design has completed the design and build for the offices of Recovery Advisers, a firm that specializes in credit and project insurance claims, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Swiss Bureau has completed the design and build for the office of Recovery Advisers, a firm that specializes in credit and project insurance claims. For this project we created a “watch us while we work” approach. Being a more progressive commercial office, Recovery Advisers wanted their new space to foster collaboration, and in turn, retain their clients and industry partners.

    The client required confidentiality and privacy to be considered when designing the office whilst creating a modern and elegant look. The end goal for Swiss Bureau was to improve space utilization for the client and create a stimulating, efficient workplace. The design was centered on creating an energized team atmosphere through an open environment, maximizing transparency and celebrating city views. Recovery Advisers is a global company and as such, the Middle Eastern location offers a novel design approach within the companies existing sites. We therefore wanted to encapsulate the identity of Dubai whilst still keeping in line with Recovery Advisers unique identity and branding.

    The design follows a philosophy of ‘simplistic Arabic culture’ with an understated elegance. It reinterprets the natural beauty of the desert with glass and mashrabiya elements which depict the patterns and shade generated by the textured landscape. We wanted the feature wall to be related to Dubai and it’s culture, whilst still in line with the Recovery Advisers identity. As once said by Charles and Ray Eames “The details are not the details, they make the design.”

    Through this philosophy, we incorporated subtile details in the lighting, hardware and bespoke joinery. A glass wall in the common area creates division amongst work environments, yet allows for an unobstructed line of site to the open office environment.

    The combination of veneer American Oak wood, glass and concrete finish brings both a natural warmth to the space as well as a complex layering effect. The rest of the materials have been chosen following neutrality and functionality principles; the suspended ceiling has been eliminated in order to give the perception of more height; the ceiling has been painted in black, as well as all the services, making them invisible above the suspended lighting; the floor is grey and carpeted for better sound absorption. There is a 7 meter high graphic feature wall in laser cut MDF painted white like the concept of the Mashrabya. Swiss Bureau looked into using sustainable materials such as timber, veneer, low VOC paint and recycled content carpet.

    The design of the entire office of Recovery Advisers was centered on their employees and to retain their clients and industry partners. Our main consideration was about creating a smart lay out with a division amongst different (confidential) work environments. We noticed that their energized team, is now able to foster collaboration, and that will have an effect on a more efficient work environment.

    DesignerSwiss Bureau Interior Design
    ContractorSwiss Bureau Interior Design
    Photography: Bahr Al-Alum Karim