COTY Offices – Mexico City

  • Client COTY,
  • size 13,993 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • KMD Architects completed the design of the corporate offices for beauty product brand COTY, located in Mexico City, Mexico.

    The year 2017 was a period of big changes for the international firm COTY, founded in 1904. Recently, the company started a campaign to transform their brand, image and corporative values. This change emphasized the strength and solidity of the company with more than 100 years of experience. Also, they had the positive challenge of diversifying their way to work, stressing the individual importance of each person and the importance of the essence each person has for the world and for the company.

    KMD was the design firm selected to remodel COTY offices in Mexico City. The direction was very clear from the beginning: designing a space according to the company’s values. Live beauty, breathe beauty.

    KMD created open spaces, with a simple aesthetics and monochromatic tones to emphasize the graphics that the company developed during the new campaign, butterflies of transformations. We played with a scale of gray tones to highlight the different finishes on walls and floors, creating triangles on the columns and walls to interpret a metamorphosis and constant movement.

    KMD followed their new theme “We believe the beauty of humanity lies in the individuality of its people; all humans, everyone, everywhere. It’s your individuality that makes a difference. It’s part of what makes the world so beautiful.” We implemented their new work culture to celebrate the diversity and inclusion.

    KMD proposed to have an open big office with all the work positions standardized, from the general director to managers and operations. At the same time, thinking about their daily activities at work, we created spaces to increase the individual and group work flows. The collaborative spaces are conference rooms and informal meeting rooms with coffee and technology services. The individual spaces have phone booths, focus cabins, spaces where the employees can have their own time to focus on specific tasks. The project also included a beauty salon/showroom where the clients could experience different services from COTY.

    DesignerKMD Architects
    PhotographyAldo C Gracia