Allergan Offices – São Paulo

  • Client Allergan,
  • size 7,211 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Pitá Arquitetura designed the offices for global pharmaceutical company Allergan, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Allergan is an innovative, global pharmaceutical company, focused on the development and research of pharmaceutical products, creating solutions for the treatment of the central nervous system, eye care, medical aesthetics, and dermatology.

    They moved from their old offices to a brand new space at Berrini Avenue, an important place in the commercial center of São Paulo, and still close to their old address, where the employees have easy access to public transportation methods such as the CPTM train system and buses.

    The environment follows the company’s requisitions, they wanted a clean and cozy space, with a touch of nature and vibrant colors. The workspace is open and wide, such as the café too, as one of the main client’s requirements.

    During the design process, we took advantage of the big framed glass windows, granting natural lighting to all the workstations. Wood and concrete have been used with the company’s color pallet, that swings around tons of blue and green as primary colors, with orange, red and purple as the secondary ones. The reception area has a sober appearance, and it’s connected to the social hub, where there’s a wood percolated and a wall with a colorful gradient, creating a friendly space, along with the café, where it can be used for informal meetings, relaxing, and even work.

    DesignerPitá Arquitetura
    Design Team: Antonio Mantovani, Tatiana Fló Cosenza, Mariana Kligenlfus Pinheiro, Juliana Loss Vicenzi
    Photography: Renato Navarro