51 Credit Card Offices – Hangzhou

  • Client 51 Credit Card,
  • size 33,900 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • Industry Financial / Investments, Technology,
  • M Moser Associates developed the office design for financial technology company 51 Credit Card, located in Hangzhou, China.

    Due to recent growth in the FinTech sector, 51 Credit Card has experienced healthy, continuous expansion. In order to elevate the success of each employee and attract new talent, 51 Credit Card decided to expand its corporate headquarters in Building 4 of Hangzhou Xixi.

    Core values & concept – according to the firm’s founder, “transparency is the ultimate channel to win trust”. Inspired by this concept, “transparency” has become the business’s core value and therefore permeates the new workplace.
    The overall design addresses open, translucent space, creating a welcoming and modern feel to represent a new era of the FinTech industry that is exciting, vivid and full of challenges.

    Smart transparency – embracing transparency whilst retaining structure and logic in space planning was the key focus of the M Moser design. At the centre of the building, the glass stairs create an open, atrium-like area while nearby conference rooms utilize glass and adaptable partitions to provide clear views.

    A forward-thinking business – as a pioneering Chinese FinTech company, the design embraces some daring and creative concepts, such as a large waterfall background for the building’s central elevator. Meanwhile, the reception area provides a futuristic look-and-feel with a ceiling that mimics the “cloud” in neon blue, a metaphor for the cloud-based technology the company uses. A large feature wall behind the reception desk displays two characters “NB”, referencing the Chinese slang, “awesomely great”. The feature wall also mimics the format of a barcode, with multiple, vertical black strips, inspired by those found on the back of a credit card. The light projected onto it is also adjustable, enabling guests to take optimum photos.

    Rooted in technology – the design of the core training space focuses on technology as a key element. This adaptable area connects two rooms into one, with an adjustable, combined, wall that can be fully opened or closed at any time. Remaining transparent and flexible through the use of clear glass and partitions, the wall features a protective screen and innovative video functionality.

    Employees first – the space not only encourages staff to elevate their work performance, but it enables them to enjoy their personal time, incorporating true work-life integration. Surrounded by beautiful landscape, a small river flows through the back of the building, while the training centre on the ground floor is situated to capitalize on views and greenery. The coffee bar has a capacity of up to 60 people and provides a multi-purpose space that can be adapted into a training facility. This area seamlessly integrates space and fluidity to encourage collaboration and the conception of new ideas.

    51 Credit Card’s new headquarters provides an outstanding and advanced training environment that is modern, transparent and integrated with the latest technology. Cultivating talent, the space embraces the simultaneous development of both employees and the business.

    DesignerM Moser Associates
    Photography: Vitus Lau