Casa Cuervo Offices – Mexico City

  • Client Casa Cuervo,
  • size 32,291 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • KMD Architects completed the offices for leading manufacturer and distributor of tequila, Casa Cuervo, located in Mexico City, Mexico.

    From the beginning, KMD had the intention of capturing the important and ingrained values that a brand such as Casa Cuervo entails, transforming the project into an authentic and tailor-made space for this important company.

    The style and identity are very characteristic and are reflected in all the facets of the company: products, advertising, experiences, and showrooms, among others.

    We wanted to conceptualize transcendence, perseverance and solidity as the core values of the brand, but on the other hand that evolution, risk and insight have led them to position themselves as a top brand in the market with new products, respecting and glorifying the others that we all know. In this journey with the client’s support we were clear that we wanted to go a step further, reinterpreting certain concepts and seeking a constant innovation in the Cuervo world.

    In the project you can appreciate the use of materials or decorative elements that seek to fulfill this design intention; likewise, we see another essential engine of the project: the creation of home spaces, warm, pleasant and comfortable environments for its users, to live it in the best possible way. It also predominates a Neo-Mexican style combined with more modern trends and styles, both in their functionality and in the aesthetics of their spaces. We can value the open space previously unimaginable, in such a formal organization as it is Cuervo, mixed with various informal meeting spaces and specific to certain activities such as phone booths, coffee areas, product areas and libraries.

    A clear example is the use of different materials such as the reinterpreted regional finishes. We can see the use of Palma, originally from Oaxaca, applied to walls, niches, lighting and soffits. Likewise, walls lined with mosaics of paste created with special iconic designs of the company, such as the crow, the agave and the Jose Cuervo tequila bottle. These last designs give color and energy to the corporate spaces in a unique and very original way. The lighting of the project is in some way atypical to incorporate decorative residential luminaires in ocher and gold tones in semblance to the years that the company leads as a market leader.

    These elements give tonality and warmth to the office, helping its users to feel at home; and, in combination with rustic and simple furniture, the ideal balance is achieved between a fun and yet serious and Mexican environment that basically represents a brand as it is Cuervo.

    DesignerKMD Architects
    Photography: Courtesy of Shaw Contract