Netherlands Nutrition Centre Offices – The Hague

LIAG recently completed the design for the Netherlands Nutrition Centre located in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre has relocated to a new circular office – The Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) has relocated to new premises in The Hague. This new flexible and future-proof office is designed as a circular building. The new working environment stimulates and facilitates a healthy lifestyle among employees, easing the process of staying healthy and remaining active. Who wants to shape the ambitions of the centre and assume responsibility for it for seven years? Based on an inventory of requirements and wishes for the new place of work, Bureau ZOOOW! teamed up with the centre to draw up a document outlining new ambitions. This document became the point of departure for the tender process. This remarkable and innovative approach to tendering was supervised by Copper8, an expert in the area of circular tenders. The commission was secured by LIAG architects and construction advisors.

Circular building – The Netherlands Nutrition Centre advises consumers about sustainable food choices. This involves working to combat food waste. Circular building blends harmoniously with this area of work. The materials deployed have been reused, all elements are easy to maintain and reposition, and all materials or elements can be recycled or reproduced at the end of their lifecycle or can acquire a new function. That’s why the floor is covered by a carpet with experience, and the furniture is made from material once used to showcase kitchens at trade fairs. The basis for the new office environment was an empty rented space on two floors.

Healthy and green working surroundings – The design by LIAG has resulted in a healthy and comfortable working environment. The arrangement of spaces encourages movement and encounters and stimulates people to alternate between seated and standing work. A path connects the various types of workspaces, which include the ultimate silent area and flexible workspaces, which employees select to suit the nature of their work activities. The interior exudes a green and foody feel, with atmospheric images of healthy food and lampshades made from mushrooms. The use of substances that harm the environment has been avoided.

A changing organization – In the future, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre wants to actively invite consumers into the world of healthy, safe and sustainable nutrition. That is why the central meeting point is a multipurpose space. In addition to a lunch area, this space can host lectures and workshops. The new office space wall give fresh impetus to the centre, making healthy, safe and sustainable behavior self-evident, attainable and understandable for everybody!

Photography: Mart Stevens