Philip Morris Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client Philip Morris,
  • size 29,062 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Setter Architects were engaged by Philip Morris to complete the design of their new offices located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Philip Morris Ltd’s offices were formerly located in an office block in the heart of a residential Tel Aviv neighborhood, and its organizational culture was one of employees working in rooms.

    More recently, Phillip Morris Ltd. launched an internal change process, and is now engaged more in marketing its reduced risk products, which necessitates a shift in organizational culture embracing technology, digitalization and a customer-centric. New offices were needed that would reflect the company’s fresh spirit and the process it was going through.

    When the company contacted us, its brief was to create an open office workspace. It had to be functional, enabling direct communication between employees and managers, with a sense of transparency and a young, open atmosphere.

    Philip Morris Ltd. is undergoing a process of innovation and, like many high-tech firms, it integrates technology in its products. So in the design process we aspired to a design look that would reflect the firm’s change process, that would both encourage interaction between people, and also allow privacy. And while there would be a hint of the corporation’s past, the design would chiefly look towards the future.

    The cutting-edge innovative look with its warm elements provides the company’s staff with a work setting that has a friendly atmosphere. The open-space area contains work areas as well as formal and informal meeting-places that employees use in their daily work; however, they do not close off the space but integrate into it.

    In a world where new trends overcome the old, our objective was to put together a balance between the two. We did so by using interesting materials that combine both worlds – natural materials with a palette of strong colors, wood and metal, vintage and high-tech, functionality and fun.

    DesignerSetter Architects
    Design Team: Bella Ventura, Oren Tchiprout, Sian Kapan
    Contractor: A. Weiss
    Project Manager: David Raz
    Photography: Kfir Ziv