IBS Insurance & Reinsurance Brokerage Offices – Istanbul

  • Client IBS Insurance & Reinsurance Brokerage,
  • size 12,916 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • Yigit Bileydi Interiors & Architects completed the design for the IBS Insurance & Reinsurance Brokerage offices located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The aim of the space was to keep the open space as a shell and create spaces defining its own space in open space. Office has open space which houses 80 seats of work stations and 7 manager rooms, 3 meeting room and 1 open meeting room and a vip section of two partners. While designing the space our aim is to take the sunlight to every available space and while doing that we want to keep the eye contact of the managers with their team. The rooms are located at the long and shaded are and the open offices located between the large windows and these rooms. The social spaces are standing spread between them. Lighting has been designed to give a schematic look to the black ceiling. VIP rooms have designed according to their status to give an elite look.

    DesignerYigit Bileydi Interiors & Architects
    Furniture: Kolleksiyon Furniture
    PhotographyIbrahim Ozbunar