Sky Italia Offices – Milan

  • Client Sky Italia,
  • size 19,375 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Entertainment,
  • DEGW was engaged by Sky Italia, digital satellite television platform, to design their new offices in Milan, Italy.

    Sky Italia now has a smart workspace encouraging new means of working based around cooperation and the sharing of experiences between people.

    DEGW has, for example, designed a new workspace based on the operations people carry out during an entire working day, actually facilitating them by implementing new means of using spaces and introducing innovative work settings.

    After a careful study, it was discovered that enclosed spaces were used on average 40% of the time spent at the company. As well as the amount of space used, the type of use was also analyzed: 20% of this 40% was for individual duties and 20% for joint operations, such as business meetings and other forms of interaction.

    It was, therefore, decided to increase the number of small, medium-sized and large meeting rooms in the new office facility, also equipping it with touchdowns, informal spaces, quiet rooms and all those ancillary areas facilitating corporate business and allowing informal meetings between people.

    The concept design is also geared to the specific needs of the client, who was looking for a perfect balance between technology, brainstorming and free-thinking, reducing the number of enclosed offices while increasing the ancillary areas: meeting rooms of various sizes, informal meeting rooms, touch down/break areas to encourage socializing, phone booths, quiet rooms and one-to-one meeting spaces to ensure there are areas for concentrating or enjoying privacy.

    Design Team: Alessandro Adamo, Valeria Romanelli, Giuseppe Pepe
    PhotographyDario Tettamanzi