Offices – Sydney

  • Client,
  • size 7,857 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • PMG Group has recently completed the offices for located in Sydney, Australia.

    To accommodate rapid growth and encapsulate the business’s core identity, a millennial-friendly design was required which translated the passion and strong mantra of the co-founders with the primary objective to attract and retain the best crew.

    A new agile working environment was created. The “space” theme transcends throughout every inch of the workplace. The waiting area portrays an airlock, informal meeting rooms are capsules, the breakout is the refuel station, the boardroom a rocket ship…with phone pods, showers and bike storage to complete the enhanced functionality for their talented crew. To foster creativity, the crew can write on every single wall.

    Stepping out of the lift and into the common lobby you get an immediate taste of the strong identity. The over-sized astronaut graphic points visitors and staff to the workplace entry door. On pressing the alert button, as you wait to be greeted, intrigue and excitement are building as you see glimpses of the Star Trek inspired airlock. Angled walls, gloss panelling, LED lighting, moon-like concrete flooring and a midnight blue ceiling all come together to create a unique first impression.

    Moving through to the refuel station you are embraced with the raw character of the building. The exposed ceilings and spaceship’esque perimeter windows contrast with the vibrant injections of color to truly bring the space to life. The inclusion of hanging plants and a moss wall connect the crew with nature. is over the moon with their brand new “outer” space.

    DesignerPMG Group
    Photography: Oliver Ford Photography