EnergySeal Air Barrier Systems Offices – Boise

Vaughn Yribar Architecture completed the offices for EnergySeal Air Barrier Systems located in Boise, Idaho.

1619 Phillippi St. is an adaptive reuse project in Boise, ID. The project transformed a derelict auto repair shop into the regional headquarters for McCall-based EnergySeal Air Barrier Systems LLC, Idaho’s leading high-performance insulation contractor. A portion of the original building was demolished making space for a new parking area while the remaining building was renovated into a new 2,000 square foot office space. The program consists of a reception area, conference room, office space, storage garage and support spaces.

The goal of the project was to revitalize the existing structure into a modern, ultra-energy efficient building. Through a combination of an extremely high-performing building envelope with efficient mechanical equipment and a photovoltaic system, the project will be Idaho’s first certified commercial Passivhaus building as well as the first net-zero energy retrofit. Energy modeling, mechanical design, and enclosure design was provided by Energy Systems Consultants LLC.

1619 is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in North America, with a predicted energy use intensity (EUI) of 10.6 kBTU/sf/yr. This low EUI is achieved primarily through load reduction and “passive” strategies and does not account for the electricity generated by the roof mounted 4.56 kW solar PV array. This building also meets the 80% 2030 Challenge site EUI target and performs better than the most stringent 90% target when PV is accounted for. The roof mounted solar PV system will generate more electricity than the building consumes on an annual basis.

DesignerVaughn Yribar Architecture
Photography: Gabe Border