Admind Branding & Communications Offices – Krakow

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  • Client Admind Branding & Communications,
  • size 6,619 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Krakow, Poland,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Inners and studio hex have collaborated to design the offices for Admind Branding & Communications located Krakow, Poland.

    A key element in the design of the new Admind office was the functional set-up – we had to think about potential changes in the open space, that’s why additional desks and a “hot-desks” zone were designated.

    Functional rooms were an important element. Based on a long list of interactions between employees, we have designated areas that will meet any of the daily tasks. That’s why a “core” with telephone boxes and rooms for special tasks was created in the middle of the office space. One of the most interesting zone is project area – Univers – a room open to open space, with adjustable desk heights. It was planned as a dynamic, standing part, where you can meet quickly to discuss projects without taking up places.
    Conference rooms and phone booths were additionally soundproofed by 3D wall panels.

    The base materials are modern, with neutral colors, and the temperament of the young team is emphasized by the juicy colors of the walls and accessories – each zone is separated by a different color. Raster and exposed ceilings, floor in the kitchen and glazing in black profiles give an industrial character, and strong color accents enliven the space. Thanks to the combination of all these elements, a fresh and functional office was created, and the character and energy of the place was perfectly complemented by the graphic identification created by Admind.

    The project of identification in the office’s interior is based on the typography that forms the basis of the Admind brand. Font Acumin Pro in many varieties is the main graphic element appearing in space. The rooms in the office are named with selected fonts and correspond with the specificity or association of the specific room, eg the kitchen is Frutiger, the conference rooms are Futura and Baskerville, and the space for rest is Comic Sans. Throughout the office there are powerful, hand-painted with care and respect for optical nuances, the letters that make up the inscription “Admind”. They are integrated into the space, and in addition to the decorative and complementary function, they also have the form of boards, on which you can hang mood boards and other materials – the letters are covered with magnetic paint.

    Designer: Inners and studio hex
    Photography: Promo Focus