Topcon Offices – Moscow

  • Client Topcon,
  • size 24,810 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Meandre designed the offices for technology company Topcon, located in Moscow, Russia.

    Topcon Moscow оffice is a renovation of an existing 10-year old space for the team of tech and software engineers within the precise positioning products and solutions for surveying market sector. Accommodating approximately a two hundred staff, the space has been extended and renovated to include new meeting and breakout spaces, to provide more light into workspaces while keeping visual and acoustic privacy at optimal level and to create modern and vibrant canteen space.

    Now with bright colors, full of light and with more privacy between workgroups, Topcon office is a better place to work in.

    The goal of the project was to abandon open plan areas in a favor of smaller workgroup spaces, ensure better natural lighting of the space, create comfortable and modern canteen space with restaurant quality buffet, modernize the design by introducing bold and fresh colors throughout the office, develop better representation of the brand and to replace existing HVAC systems with new centrally-controlled ones.

    The major challenge of the project was that office had to remain operational during fit-out works. The design and fit-out had to be planned thoroughly to cause as little discomfort for the Topcon team as possible. Another challenge was lack of information on base-build systems – many parameters had to be discovered after demolition.

    While new design isn’t groundbreaking in general, some solutions had been a step up in Topcon’s expectations. Like vivid colors translucent film that looked like a ridiculous idea on paper but accepted enthusiastically when finished. Or catwalk ceiling – thanks to very high floor height – that allowed for easy and unobtrusive HVAC maintenance.

    Fit-out works took longer than expected, however the contingency costs were minimal.

    The certain success of the project was determined by careful selection of a general contractor and independent project manager but not least to the fact that all important decisions-making was made by the Topcon general director himself.

    Designer: Meandre
    Furniture Dealer: Steelcase
    Photography: Vladimir Solntsev