True[X] Offices – New York City

  • Client True[X],
  • size 5,075 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Sydness Architects designed the offices for True[X], a 21st Century Fox video advertising company located in New York City, New York.

    True[X] (acquired by 21st Century Fox in 2014), the leading video engagement advertising platform, commissioned Sydness Architects, which previously had designed True[X]’s main New York headquarters on the 14th floor of the same building, to create an interior space with flexibility and interaction at its core. Sydness Architects was tasked with creating a space that could accommodate everything from meetings, to panels, to happy hours, or to simply offer them a change of scenery from their regular work-spaces on the 14th floor.

    The 21st floor indoor space measures 4200 square feet, with an 875-square-foot roof deck above it with soaring views of Manhattan from the World Trade Center to the Empire State Building (and beyond). Housed on the 21st floor are four conference rooms, including one “board room” that seats 22, and an executive meeting room hidden behind a sliding bookcase. Communal tables rather than cubicles comprise the broader work space. An open floor plan, with couches, tables, and counters, can accommodate a gathering of 60 people.

    No one has office space on the 21st floor; it’s open for spontaneous group work, meetings, and private bookings from anyone throughout the 21st Century Fox family. True[X] foresees it as a hub for industry events and intra-company functions.

    DesignerSydness Architects
    Design Team: Jeff Sydness, Melissa Cheing
    Photography: Jon Nissenbaum