Hindva Offices – Surat

  • Client Hindva,
  • size 2,008 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Surat, India,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • ADDA Architects & Urban Designers have designed the offices for real estate development company Hindva, located in Surat, India.

    Understanding what is important to our client is the foundation of everything we do. Thus the design of Hindva office is done keeping in mind the needs of our client – both immediate and future.
    Our client here is a young and dynamic man from Surat with a vision to transform the way real estate sector works. Converting the conventional methods of the real estate business practices to global and innovative business practices. Our objective was to design a next generation business space that justifies and echoes his vision. The office itself reflects the style and persona of this young and spirited real estate developer.

    Showcasing a very unique and contemporary design, every element here has been crafted to make each day more inspired and more productive. A thoughtfully designed lively, friendly, transparent and comfortable office space that exudes status, fosters productivity, provides a stimulating work environment and displays the collaborative work culture of the organization.

    The elegant lobby is designed to create a mesmerizing first impression on the visitors. As you step in, you travel directly towards logo as your focal point. The walls of the lobby are adorned with inspirational words that are like the emblem of client’s work philosophy. The path of lobby ends at the uniquely designed library that contains latest magazines and books. As you move ahead, you enter the modern-day sophisticated office which is a result of the smart layout, brilliant design, upbeat colors, rich materials and minute detailing.

    Interior of the main cabin is a stylish interplay of marble, glass, lighting and colors. To create an amazing ambience, the back wall is treated with hexagonal pattern for creating interesting shadow pattern formed from hexagon and the city skyline is embedded light, for denoting mindset of the developer that is to sparkle the skyline of Surat with its wondrous real estate projects.

    Employee’s workspace is the heart and soul of any office. This area is arranged with various glass cabins on the sidelines with clear visibility and feel of spaciousness. There are half paneled partitions between tables that increases coordination among employees since they frequently need to work closely on projects. Also to create a vibrant work ambience, bright colors like blue, green and orange are used. All these details result into the creation of a very cheerful and positive work environment.

    To hold any casual discussion or meeting, there is a very sleek and stylish discussion table placed between the employee’s workplace and main cabin. The distinctive table and chairs are framed by red colored partition with lights hanging form above giving it a spectacular appearance.

    Brilliant in design and intelligent in plan, Hindva office with its best-in-quality specifications and craftsmanship is an impressive business space. It unites aesthetical sophistication with well-engineered functionality. Architecture is a visual art and Hindva office beautifully expresses the dynamic and sparkling persona of our client, the vivacious work culture of the organization and leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of its spectators.

    DesignerADDA Architects & Urban Designers
    Design Team: Mayank Parekh, Dhaval Shah, Heena Biyani, Raj Modi, Aashish Pitroda
    Photography: The Fishy Project