Shiyue Media Offices – Beijing

  • Client Shiyue Media,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • CUN Design designed the offices of Shiyue Media, a media agency owned by internet celebrity Mi Meng, which is located in Beijing, China.

    The Internet is developing extremely fast and mobile interconnection is penetrating through our lives! “Office” must not be a working space that just has several tables and computers! So that the following is the method and thinking in this design:

    NO.1 Fuzzification – CUN Design thinks that more positions and more diversified people can find their own place through their design, and more importantly, find a space to rest their minds.

    Therefore, CUN Design tried to get rid of the boundaries and hard shapes in the overall design, which was very welcomed by the staffs. For example, there are not a lot of definitions in the spaces, and people will stay in the area they prefer and do their jobs efficiently.

     NO.2. Receptiveness – CUN Design feels that different people at different ages and industries will have a relatively narrow demand for the environment, but each individual has different preferences. Based on this, CUN Design looked for similarities to complete the design.

    During the design process, CUN Design captured the major desires of Mi Meng and her young staffs, then wrote them all on paper and then categorized most of the similar ones, such as warm and active colors, relaxed atmosphere, rest place, a swing and so on. However, some special requirements were also the most difficult parts, such as in Mi Meng’s office, and how to arrange the entrance, sharing area and the lobby orderly became the key point of CUN Design’s research.

    At last, CUN Design used a rest cabin to arrange the front area of the office. And a hill-shaped sharing area was created through the difference of height in the front area. The top-shaped reception desk links the ceiling and the floor, enhancing its function. The logo on the ceiling strengthens the company’s temperament through its pattern. CUN Design paid more attention to its receptiveness to different people!

    NO.3 Melting and Refreezing – CUN Design has been using the way of melting and refreezing in innovation. That is, every time they meet a conventional space, they would always break all the functional areas in the first place.

    For instance, does a meeting room must have conference table? Does an office must have furniture? Does the reception desk must be set at the entrance? Does the office environment must have partition? CUN Design melted all of these into the smallest unit modules, and then analyzed their own characteristics, and made new combinations according to the client’s real demands, the modules’ functions, as well as the enterprise’s features!

    When doing the space design, CUN Design did not simply design a beautiful space, but more importantly, they did more work and deeper thinking in the behind, so that they can achieve some new space forms that will be more suitable for the present, more suitable for the owner, and that are more vibrant and have more possibilities.

    Design: CUN Design
    Photographers: Wang Ting, Wang Jin