Est Rouge Technologies Offices – Danang

  • Client Est Rouge Technologies,
  • size 1,797 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Danang, Vietnam,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Est Rouge Technologies has designed their new office environment located in Danang, Vietnam.

    Est Rouge is a Japanese company working in Software development. After seeing the business opportunities in Vietnam, they decided to open an office in Danang, Vietnam. This office is fully designed by Est Rouge. It is small one for 30 employess on 167m2 square with full of facilities.

    The ceiling is made with simple line with the meaning of arrow to point to the East since the company name means “The Eastern Sun”. Besides, there is keeping of original ceiling inspired by the movie “Transformer”. The relaxing places are put around the office with the fish tank, golf line, video game and coffee corner to help employees to reduce the stressful.

    The special thing in this office is the working table. It is built from laminated wood with many functions are included inside: writing board, cup holder, mobile holder, tablet holder, hiding electical lines. Especially, a part of table is cusmized for standing working by being raised, lowered ability.

    The last special one is all furniture is handmade without using any furniture brand. We are really proud of this since Vietnamese workers can show that they have enough quality to do.

    Photography: Courtesy of Est Rouge Technologies