ADDA Architects & Urban Designers Offices – Surat

  • Client ADDA Architects & Urban Designers,
  • size 1,973 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Surat, India,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • ADDA Architects & Urban Designers designed their collaborative offices located in Surat, India.

    ADDA Architects & Urban designers is one of the most renowned and respected architectural firm in Surat. Now being an architect it is very crucial for us that our own workspace showcases our understanding and philosophy regarding architecture and interior designing in general. Our workspace itself creates the first impression of our work on our prospective clients.

    Our office enjoys an amazing placement of space since it is situated on the top floor of the building. We get an amazing view of the open sky that creates an enchanting ambiance. The moment you arrive on our floor, you get greeted by the mesmerizing Buddha sculpture with green plants in the background creating a blissful atmosphere.

    The office is separated in two divisions i.e. client area and workspace. The client area is designed lavishly and consists of conference room and VIP lounge whereas the workspace is designed fulfill the operational requirements of the company and consists of the studio and meeting room.

    The reception area is designed with modern furniture and very unique artworks. It is spacious, elegant and quite welcoming. The director’s cabin has a glass façade on three sides allowing natural light and great view. The furniture is modern but minimalistic and arranged in a way so the space is utilized optimally.

    Conference room is spacious accommodating up to 10 persons and is decorated with lot of small beautiful statues. The huge conference table, trendy chairs and an LED TV is perfect for a modern-day office. There are inspirational sayings on one of the wall.

    For an informal discussion with the client, there is a cozy VIP lounge room consisting of very comfortable modern sofa, chairs and an LED TV as well. The walls are embellished with exquisite artworks. Natural light streams in this room from the O.T.S (open to sky) on the ceiling.

    Our studio is a great combination of aesthetic appeal and functional space. The glass wall and partitions give you a sense of flowing spaces and visual connection. The studio facilitates open communication among employees, better coordination and optimum working space. The glass wall in the studio provides ample light and amazing view of terrace garden that helps in the creation of stress free work environment for employees.

    The terrace garden is the most wonderful space of the office. It’s a perfect place to take a break and feel relaxed, a perfect place to conduct informal work discussions and chit chat with colleagues. Breathe in fresh air, look at the wonderful skyline of the city or appreciate the artwork of workspace.

    Overall, we have used lots of glass walls in our design to capitalize on natural light which reduces electricity consumption and gives an easy, uninterrupted flow to the space. Also, the colour green is lavishly used in many of the elements such as plantation, terrace garden, chairs, soft boards, stationary etc. to give a very fresh feel to whole workspace. Let’s just say our office is our proud creation that will surely impress our clients and make for a delightful workspace that our employees feel very happy to work in.

    DesignerADDA Architects & Urban Designers
    Photography: The Fishy Project