BioMar Norway Offices – Pirsenteret Trondheim

  • Client BioMar,
  • size 12,916 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Pirsenteret, Trondheim, Norway,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Signed by Sensa recently completed the design for the offices of fish feed company BioMar located in Pirsenteret Trondheim, Norway.

    BioMar, with its head quarter in Trondheim Norway, is a world leading company developing fish food under the slogan – “Let´s innovate Aquaculture”-. One out of four fish, farmed in Europe and Chile, is fed with products by BioMar. Having outgrown their space, the move in 2017 was an opportunity to look at the company’s work flow, giving the R&D section a much needed expanded space to interact as well as cultivating the BioMar principle – this is not just a job, it is a lifestyle.

    The new office displays BioMar´s commitment for innovation, encourage creativity and serves as a meeting point for partners and clients, visiting from all around the world. Its sophisticated and warm atmosphere facilitates meetings and encourage ideas to grow and take shape, making both visitors and employees feeling confident and comfortable.

    Right from the start, one of the most important elements in planning the office was the placement of the canteen. All employees at BioMar House eat together every day freshly prepared lunch made by the house chef Sigrid.

    When planning the social areas, the canteen was placed in the heart of the office, surrounded by meeting rooms, lounge and the entrance. When visiting BioMar at lunch time you are always invited to sit down and join in on the delicious food and good conversations.

    The interior design has a clear reference to the nature outside with the sea and the creatures within it. The basic palette is crisp and clean; white, black, blue and green with elements of energetic orange and yellow tones. Oak veneer makes up bespoke pieces and furniture and is combined with plants, glass, chrome, leather and wool textiles. Polished surfaces stand against raw ones adding a tactile character and distinctiveness.

    DesignerSigned by Sensa
    Contractor: Ruta
    Photography: Lykt