HAPPY MONDAY and EXPRESSEAU Offices – Saint-Agrève

  • size 4,520 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Saint-Agrève, France,
  • Industry Coworking, Design,
  • HAPPY MONDAY designed the “Palette of Places,” their collaborative and shared offices with sister company, EXPRESSEAU, located in Saint-Agrève, France.

    We have a long history of office renovations. First there were individual offices. Then we were trapped in fabric wrapped cubicles and open floor plans, which was meant to drive employee collaboration, but we all agree that it went too far, with row upon row of desks and workbench-style seating that generated distraction and boredom more often than efficiency. Then came the call that was loud and clear: The anti-corporate backlash. Standard is boring. Sitting in one place is boring. Todays offices need to be a “Palette of Places” with layouts that cater to the variety of tasks of modern workers.

    Mom’s advice might still ring in our ears: ‘Sit up straight!’ But research on healthy working conditions shows that a relaxed atmosphere encourages and promotes positive teamwork and thinking. We don’t need to sit up straight all day. Putting our feet on the desk actually encourages creative ideas. Sitting, standing, perching, swinging, lounging, moving around and even playing was the solution to our Palette of Places .

    Every project that has ever come across our drawing board has inspired this makeover. When at long last we made the go-ahead decision to start the Palette of Places we gave it our all; experience, know-how, and creativity to capture our company’s core values and vision of what todays offices need to be. Expresseau, our sister company and co-office partners confided their needs and wants “carte blanche”.

    On entering the building, the Coffee Shop d’Expresseau with delightful odors of freshly brewed coffee, croissants and fresh fruits, offers a warm and cozy welcome to employees and visitors alike. The fireplace and comfortable high back Havana chairs make it extremely difficult not to stop. For those that are more conformable working in Starbucks than in a traditional office are free to stay!

    Looking above the rim of a good espresso, we catch glimpses of other amazing Places of our Palette that give our feet the urge to move on to explore and discover the wonders of working in an agile and activity-based workplace.

    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. A sense of fun is introduced with leisure areas and creative spaces: Table Football and a Punching Ball are available for those moments of fun and amusement. Homely sofas are strategically placed to encourage movement, comfort and well-being.

    Further on, the oak live-edge co-working table is just as inviting as working from home. If you’re the type that needs to swing for inspiration, the hammock is your place ! Hot desking and mobility are the orders of the day; Staff are no longer married to their desks, rather choosing the area that suits their mood and task!

    And not forgetting the quiet rooms, particularly for tasks that require intense concentration or privacy, the meeting areas and break-out spaces, for both large and small gatherings make our new haven of Places a daily inspiration to improve the wellbeing of our staff and which is then passed on to our clients.

    Actually, our history of office design continues to be written.

    DesignerHAPPY MONDAY
    Photography: courtesy of HAPPY MONDAY