FREY Offices – Paris

  • Client FREY,
  • size 6,996 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Artdesk Group has created an office design using raw materials for retail experience company, FREY, located in Paris, France.

    FREY had the desire work in offices made of raw materials, wood, brick, with a strong bias : a chic bistro atmosphere. The heart of the architectural project was the showroom. In this sense it has been totally custom-made, thus adjusting to the smallest scenographic detail to be flexible. Peaceful rooms were designed such as coves or a secret Garden so employees can relax. We find then a kitchen, a lounge, sofas, a lounge area with a piano, corners and bubbles of decompression – as at home – each living space is dedicated to its own activity and that, it changes everything!

    FREY imagined and designed Shopping Promenade® – a place for creativity and innovation mixing uses – Artdesk Group, the specialist in new ways of working, was asked to put in place its vision of the workspace.

    In a totally collaborative global approach, FREY and Artdesk Group have worked together to give a bold, but above all user-friendly tone to these new spaces, from interior design, furniture and decoration.

    FREY’s offices are furnished by Kidimo, a subsidiary of Artdesk Group. Kidimo adds extra soul to Artdesk Group’s creations by looking for vintage furniture, charming objects, but also iconic items linked with the brand, its activity and the spirit of the place. This unique decorative touch gives the spaces a singular originality with wooden letters.

    DesignerArtdesk Group
    PhotographyJared Chulski